Different venues. Different moods

Both Spice Indian Cuisine Hamilton and East Kilbride restaurants offer identically extraordinary service and wonderful cuisine. With these separate restaurants we have created two very unique atmospheres for you to experience and enjoy.

We would recommend that when you want warm and intimate nights you should think Spice East Kilbride, and if you want something a little faster paced and more animated you should think Spice Hamilton.

But no matter what you want, you should always think Spice Indian Cuisine.

Your special event is our special privilege. You are welcome. Always.


Every night is party night

At Spice Indian Cuisine we believe you don’t need any excuse to party and celebrate. We are happy to celebrate absolutely anything, so for those very special dates in the calendar trust us at Spice to pull out all the stops.

Halloween, X-Factor Finals, Valentines, Christmas, New Year; the list is almost endless. Any day that can be themed we will theme it.

So expect decorations, balloons, fancy dress, traditional and non-traditional foods and drinks, and as always, the very best of welcomes and service.

Come celebrate in our home. You are welcome. Always.

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Crackers, presents, and a stress free Christmas day

Let Spice Indian Cuisine bring your family closer together at Christmas by taking the strain and letting every member of your family relax and enjoy the best day of the year.

Whether it is just the two of you celebrating your first Christmas together, or your entire family is flying in from all corners of the globe, we can ensure a wonderful menu containing traditional elements of British and Indian cuisine, presents for the kids, fabulous service, and a magical Christmas Day.

Book early for Christmas as it is one of the most popular days in our calendar.

Our Christmas present to you. You are welcome. Always.

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The best of entertainment

Spice Indian Cuisine isn’t just about the excellent service and fantastic food for which it is famous across Scotland. We are all about talent and bringing the best entertainment to you.

We are constantly searching for the best singers, bands, and entertainers to create some great entertainment packages.

What more could you look for in a great night but the Spice Indian Cuisine excellence in service, perfect food, and top class entertainment.

Watch this space for details of upcoming acts and entertainment evenings.

Great nights, great laughs, great entertainment. You are welcome. Always.

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Love is always in the air

Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine! 
~Thomas Hood

Choose to spend the most intimate and special day of the romantic year in the loving embrace of Spice Indian Cuisine. We guarantee that the atmosphere will be intimate, the food will be perfect, the wines light and refreshing.

Trust us at Spice Indian Cuisine, we believe that romance is alive and well, and we will help to put the Spice back into your love life.

So leave any world-weariness and ennui at the door, relax into the surroundings and romance.

Your loved one will love you forever. You are welcome. Always.

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